The Oregon Mission Coalition has provided a number of resources to help discern your calling.

  • Discovery Tools

    You can download this book online by clicking the image on the left. This workbook asks a number of questions about your calling, spiritual giftedness, and passion for ministry. Answering these questions will give you and the group a better understanding of how you fit into the Church Planting ministry.


    Life on Mission by Dustin Willis and Aaron Coe

    Kingdom First by Jeff Christopherson and Mac Lake

    The Unstoppable Force by Erwin McManus

    Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your Church by Tim Keller

    The Missional Journey by Robert E. Logan and David DeVries

    Planting Missional Churches by Ed Stetzer

    Viral Churches by Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird

    Discovering Church Planting: An Introduction to the Whats, Whys, and Hows of Global Church Planting by J.D. Payne

    For those replanting:

    Replant by Mark Devine and Darren Patrick

    For those leading a church merger:

    Better Together by Jim Tomberlin and Warren Bird

  • Quick Assessment Tool

    Take this quick assessment and forward your results to us.

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